Visiting National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST)

On December 22-27 July 2019, The Director and Secretary of Print-G, Prof. Dr. Eng. I Made Joni, M.Sc., and Prof. Dr. Eng. Camellia Panatarani, M.Si., along with technology and Business Development Kadiv KST UNPAD, Dr. Dra. Hj. Sinta Dralfoldman, M.T. pay a visit to one of the best universities in Taiwan, namely NTUST (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology). NTUST is a University that is already advanced in the field of cooperation with industry and has also collaborated with many colleges in Indonesia. Many students from Indonesia who continued his studies at NTUST is good for master’s programs, as well as a Ph.D. program.

The main purpose of the visit was a discussion about:
Cooperation on Renewable energy R&D especially for the application of fine-bubble technology in aquaculture and wastewater treatment,
A Sister for science Techno Park: Joint Technology and business incubation

On July 23, 2019, the team visited the laboratory of electrical and computer engineering to meet Prof. Huang Chiu-Jen who is dean of Office of Industry-Academia Collaboration as well as Director of the Center for Power Electronic Technologies, along with the team. The main purpose of the visit is to discuss Cooperation on Renewable energy R&D especially for the application of fine-bubble technology in aquaculture and wastewater treatment, and how the pattern of cooperation with the industry. The result of the discussion was both parties agreeing to do research in the field of Renewable energy for aquaculture and wastewater treatment.

On July 26, this time team visited the Applied science to meet Prof. Chen Poki, Prof. Toyoko Imae, Assc. Prof. Masaki Ujihara, and Assc. Prof. Wei-Song Hung, for discussions regarding research, carried out in order to see the potential of cooperation between NTUST and SERVED. The theme of the research presented by Prof. Toyoko Imae is concerning Innovative science and technology, advanced materials and smart technology, whereas the Assc Prof. Wei-Song Hung exposes about the Tuneable composite interlayer spacing of FRS oxide-framework membrane for solvent dehydration. The second theme is a very relationship with conducted by Prof. Dr. Eng. I Made Joni in Print-G so that the future can be rearranged a plan of cooperation between UNPAD (Print-G) and NTUST.

On 26 July, in the afternoon, the team visited the NTUST business incubation center to meet Mr. Jason Cheng and Mrs. Nancy Hong as CEO and Senior Project Manager from NTUST Business Incubation Center. While visiting The 2nd activity Be Young! Beyond! Startup Bootcamp which is attended by students from several countries including Indonesia (Universitas Padjadjaran). The agenda of the discussion that is done is to exchange information about how patterns of business incubation done NTUST Business Incubation Center as well as being performed in KST UNPAD which later will be able to initiate a cooperation pattern between NTUST with the KST UNPAD. In addition, the team also participates in the activities on July 25, namely the entrepreneurship institution visit exchange and culture tours, and also the pitch day/award ceremony on July 27th.

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