Application of Fine Bubble Generator on the Hydroponic System of Nutrient Film Technique

Dissolved oxygen in water is one of the factors affecting plant growth in the hydroponic nutrient film technique system. The fine bubble generator technique allows the provision of high dissolved oxygen levels in water with fine bubble size and prolonged water existence. The experiment was conducted to observe the effect of fine bubbles on choy sum plant growth. Plant growth parameters including leaf length (Pd), leaf width (Ld), plant height (Tt), number of leaves (Jd), and root weight (Ba) were measured every two days while the total plant weight was measured at harvest. Nutritional water quality and microclimate were controlled using internet of things (IoT) based sensors every 5 minutes. The research data were processed using descriptive analysis. The results showed that the use of fine bubbles increased the electrical conductivity (EC), pH, and total dissolved solids (TDS). On the contrary, the nutrient solution’s temperature increased, thus reducing the total dissolved oxygen content. The yields showed that the choy sum plant growth using fine bubbles application weighed 1.71 kg (5 samples) better than the control 1.35 kg.

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