Mechanical and Optical Properties of the Experimental and Commercial Dental Composites: A Systematic Review

The high demand of aesthetics makes dental composites a significant role in dental
restorations. Minimal invasive of sound tissue and the ability to mimic the original teeth also recommend choosing dental composites. The developments of dental composites mostly focus on filler systems to improve mainly in the mechanical and optical properties due to the esthetic aspect of dental care recently has become increasing importance. According to the dental composites component, the fillers have an important role in determining dental composite properties.  Many kinds of fillers have been utilized to improve the properties. Two kinds of dental composites had been known based on their fabrication procedure, i.e., experimental and commercial. The researcher on their formula had produced the experimental dental composites to obtain good properties while commercial dental composites were made by many manufacturers which have each brand that has each product of excellence, especially in mechanical and optical properties. The aim of this review focused on the mechanical and optical properties of experimental dental composites and commercial dental composites, including describes many factors that affect those properties. more information

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