Visiting Directorate General of Higher Education, DIKTI

Directorate General of Higher Education, DIKTI representatives visited UNPAD on Nov 5,2020, at Kawasan Sains dan Teknologi (KST) and Functional Nano Powder University Center of Excellence (FiNder U-CoE). The Ministry of Education and Culture is a government ministry that organizes early childhood education, elementary education, secondary education, and community education affairs and the management of culture within the Indonesian government.

In this visit, which is accompanied by nearly 5 representatives from the Directorate General of Higher Education were received directly by UNPAD representatives, Bapak Ade Kadarisman and The Director of FinDer U-CoE, Prof. Made. In this meeting, a representative from DIKTI, Mr. Adi, explained that the purpose of his visit with the team was to conduct the Monitoring and Evaluation of Industrial Collaboration and Higher Education Innovators. The Directorate General of Higher Education Innovation Acceleration Work Team. It has become part of the daily duties carried out by DIKTI.

Prof. Made explained several things that have been done by KST Unpad and FiNder U-Coe. After giving the presentation, Prof. Made invited DIKTI representatives to visit the FiNder laboratory facilities they owned. He also explained the direction of activities carried out by FiNder as one of the Centers of Excellence in Science and Technology that UNPAD has.

During the lab visit, Prof. Made explained several facilities owned by FiNder, including, a set of coin and pouch cell battery production machines, characterization tools, including PSA & Zeta Potential, XRF, FTIR, etc.

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